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Birthstone for January: Color, Meaning and Jewelries

Garnet is the birthstone for people who have been born in the month of January.  Also known as the Arizona Spinel or Arizona Ruby, Garnet is a precious gemstone exhibiting its luscious charm in a wide range of interesting colors. The traditional color for the Garnet is the deep red color. Red being symbolic of fire, power, and importance. Including Demantoid, that expensive, green stone, Garnet has in total of seven other beautiful spectra of hues.

And with countries like India, Spain, North America being few of the places where this stone can be found, still Garnet the January birthstone jewelry graced several stores owing to the increasing demand by those who either valued the stone or valued its historical relevance.

Garnets are commonly found in small water bodies where they might have been washed off Igneous or Metamorphic rocks. Garnet somehow has been compared in color and shape to the seed of the pomegranate fruit, from where it derived the Latin name Granatum.

Garnet is stones have been believed to bring about friendship, prevent nightmares, and guarantee safe travels. They are thought to be able to prevent snake bite and give directional guidance in the dark. On the healing side of it, Garnet is effective for health-related problems. On the other hand, its metaphysical properties are awareness, commitment, insight and regeneration.


January Birthstone Color

Saturation, tone, and hue are the three components of any gemstone. Hue being the first impression of a color, the colors as seen of the Garnet are so caused by the selective absorption in a certain wavelength of light. Garnets are a group of hard glassy minerals. Their pure crystal usually suffices for the making of the gemstone.

Most people often think of the Garnet as a red gemstone, but little did they know that this stone exists in all kinds of colors, such as black, green, orange, brown, pink, purple, and even colorless. The Garnets variety of colors resulted from metals like manganese, iron, calcium and aluminum.birthstone color

The most popular color of the Garnet is the reddish brown. The most expensive gemstone of the Garnet family is the brilliant green Demantoid. The rarest is the blue Garnet which, by the way, is the most sought-after of gem lovers. Green Garnets are the most highly prized but are very rare. The Emerald green and colorless stones are the highly valued, followed by the pure red Garnets.

January Birthstone Rings

In ancient times Garnet was used as Talismans and Amulets. The Indians used them as a sacred stone. Today, Garnet are worn with deep meaning and real significance. They are worn as one piece of a jewelry or the other. When the brilliance of a gemstone is  beautifully layered on a fine round cut, it then seems like the perfect jewelry world, not it? Garnet the January birthstone comes in a range of gemstone colors to suit individual’s preferences and to exude personality.

It is even fascinating that some ring merchants have custom options where the ring buyer would get to design their own ring. You know preferences differ. There are folks who will be comfortable with all gemstone round the rings. They feel it will make the ring always look in place. There are some on the flip side, who cared for the stone to gather at the center. They do not want the ring all around the band. Their arguments are that stones do, in fact, interrupt the use of their fingers. Also, there are people who would like for to have their birthstone and those of their loved ones all subtly but beautifully disguised in one ring.


And as opposed the terrible experiences recorded of some rings looking all set in pictures online or in the store but disappointingly dingy in reality, the January birthstone rings are an exception. Their center or surrounding stones are vivid, shiny and beautifully cut out.

The stones of the Garnet are something unique and absolutely perfect. For anniversaries. As a little token. And for some good old memories. The rings sparkle fashion and class. They can be worn alone as one round stone or otherwise stacked together with other rings or paired with some other jewelry collections.

These stones are fairly priced too. The colors of the rings are the more alluring. The ring builder is great seeing much thoughts and great attention to details was put into the making of the rings.


January Birthstone Necklaces

Color combination of the different birthstones a lot of the time will give a pop, especially when worn as a necklace. Like when the red Garnet is combined with a blue Topaz and an Aquamarine, with just a tiny diamond on the top. Of this style of a birthstone necklace, this could simply be symbolic of the duo of loved birds and their healthy relationship.

Or of the dainty Opal, locked in a sterling silver, with a touch of the accent stone of the Garnet. Matching or mixing gemstones colors on metals has a unique way of lending a personal appeal.

The colors of the Garnet in particular, (let’s say we pick a red Garnet to match with white diamonds), when contrasted with other gemstones and metals, usually make a statement for those many sparkling birthstone necklaces as seen cherished and envied on the neck of the most classy and elegant of women. They do match perfectly.

Important to know also, since the necklaces are well crafted with high-quality stones, their bar does not lay with the stones. January birthstone necklaces are just perfect for most outfits.

January Birthstone Earrings

For long earrings have been known to give that finishing touches. For the make of the earring, once again it’s got something to do with individual’s choice. While some women prefer their studs dainty and simple, others want them long and dropping. But with the disparity in choices, here is where these two type of women reached a consensus: they both want nice stones on their studs. And most importantly, they crave a kind of earring with a workmanship of the white sapphire laced with the orange Garnet stones (yes — that one, or something more elegant!)

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