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Birthstone for November:Meaning,Colors and Jewelries

Topaz and Citrine are the two main gemstones for people who have been born in the month of November. A theory had suggested that Topaz may have gotten its name from the Greek word Topazios. Another theory stated that the word Topaz was in fact derived from a Sanskrit word, Tapas, which means intense dedication by the way of a fire oath. And in yet another twist, Topaz was believed to have the origin of its name in the Hebrew word of Tapooz.

Citrine, on the other hand, was considered to have derived its name from the French word Citron, indicating lemon.


While it isn’t my intention to bore you with some scientific terminologies you may not require, it suffices to state that Topaz is chemically composed of the silicate minerals of aluminum silicate, fluoride, and hydroxide. With Topaz known to be a hard substance as well, just as in the case of diamond, it is, however, easier to break.

Topaz the November birthstone in the middle ages is often prepared and mixed with wine. The belief is that the mixture could guarantee a pleasant night sleep.

While it is believed that topaz could imply love and affection, increased strength and intellect, it is often also said that the gemstone helps to balance emotions and thoughts. A dream about Topaz could mean victory and solutions.

A lot of the time resilience, tenacity, dedication, could be some associable qualities of the November birthstone. Success and prosperity might also be unconnected with it.

Citrine, another variation of the November birthstone is believed to protect travelers just as it offers strength and boost the health and efficiency of the wearer.

November Birthstone Colors

It is the presence of impurities and mineral elements in the two gemstones of Topaz and Citrine that often give it its different shades of colors. Citrine taking a cue from its meaning ranges in colors of lemon to orange brown. Topaz comes in colors of yellow, blue, green, brown, red, violet, and pink. It sometimes could be colorless too. It is kind of rare to see a natural blue topaz; most blue topaz as seen of some jewelry is a result of the heat the gemstone has been subjected to.

Generally, November birthstone colors, the Citrine especially, is readily available and relatively affordable. Its affordability, combined with its historical relevance and classic elegance might explain why it is one of the popular and highly sought-after gemstones.

The imperial Topaz and its yellowish brownish hue called the Sherry are the most valued and well-priced shades of Topaz.

November Birthstone Rings

November birthstones are beautiful on. They are pleasant surprises anyone born in the month of November can easily relate with. And if you decide to get a November birthstone ring as a gift for someone you love or for yourself, being that they usually come in varieties of gorgeous stones, trust your loved ones wouldn’t be happier and so would you.

Or perhaps you want to complement your love with a beautiful and perfect gift to a November-born — well, I’ve come to figure November birthstone ring on is a trademark for knowing someone so well. Plus if worn as a set of matching birthstone jewelry, which makes it more noticeable, it is like everybody you come across just have nice things to say about it.

Just so you know, November birthstone rings are excellent rounds with the lovely setting of a good quality. They come with perfect size stones that accent the piece nicely. They are ideal for every time wear.

November birthstone, topaz

November Birthstone Necklaces

It usually helps when you know people so well, not it? Complementing this by providing a beautiful gift in the example of the November birthstone necklace is a treat. But it is not like yourself does not deserve good necklaces — you could order two November birthstone necklaces. Then you got to keep one and gift the other.

You might be wondering why it is always about gifts and gifts and gifts. And now again why it has got to be the November birthstone necklaces. Well, the design of most November Birthstone necklaces is nice and unique. Now anybody in particular who will not want to receive a unique gift on their anniversary? Very well their birthstone?

As far as I know, manufacturers of this piece of jewelry have considered the Grecian and the ring neck, so no choker. As well, it won’t come off as some heavy pendant that you would have regretted you wore. Most times no issues (except of course for some unrealistic individuals who purchased a few hundred dollars necklaces but who want a million dollar value).

Aside the fact these pendants are a fair bargain, they are so lovely on. They lay beautifully on the wearer.

November Birthstone Earrings

If you choose to rock your November birthstone earrings alone, fine. If you choose to pair them with other jewelry as in with rings and necklaces, fine still. These studs just seem to look great together with other gemstone jewelry.

Very versatile pieces of a jewelry, the November birthstone earrings gives a secure feeling owing to their carefully knitted pendants. The gemstones on this pendants, in particular, are a rich deep color, well-cut, and sturdy sterling settings. These earrings happen to be the go-to earrings of most women. They enjoy wearing it.

And with the right price, beautifully looking as they are, you will be wearing studs so light you won’t even know they are on. More so their wires are not too tough. They are equally easy to put on and take off. They make for comfortability seeing they are lightweight.

Still on the simple but elegant earrings of the November birthstone. They are pretty enough for work and appropriate for dress occasions. You can wear them all the time and they are still brilliant. Be it the Opal or the Topaz, you will love the sparkle and shine. A November birthstone earring will be another great addition to your jewelry selection.

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