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Birthstone for October: Meaning,Colors and Jewelries

Opal and Tourmaline are the October birthstones. Tourmaline is believed to have derived its name from the word Toramalli meaning something that is out of the earth. The Sri Lankan term applied to all green, brown or yellow stones. Opals range in color from milky white to black, with flashes of yellow, orange, green, red, and blue.

Opal derives its name from the Greek word Opallos, which is to mean a change of color. Other sources indicated that the term was derived from the Sanskrit word Upala.

october-birthstoneThe people of the Orient christened Opal the Anchor of Hope. Others believed the Opal fell from the heavens when lightning struck the earth. According to some thoughts, the Opal was believed to make its wearer invisible and was a popular talisman of spies and thieves. The stone has a unique property in changing color, believed to indicate the health and mental alertness and fitness of the wearer. The October birthstone color is associated with purity, innocence, hope and faith.

The Opal has healing properties and is believed to be effective in curing eye infections, enhancing one’s creativity, calming nerves and strengthening memory.

The tourmaline is believed to have more of psychological effects than physical effects and helps one retain their calm when under pressure.

Tourmalines are known as the peace stone, believed to dispel anger, fear, jealousy and aggressiveness.

October Birthstone Color

The two October birthstones exhibit a vibrant spectrum of colors, lending charm and beauty to any jewelry they are fashioned in. These dual-colored gems are priced across the world and are in high demand, and for nothing other than for their unique hue combinations and crystal structures.

The October birthstone is closely packed in spherical layers to create three-dimensional spaces thus lending radiance and intensity to the stone. Opal exhibits an array of colors. The metals and impurities present in the crystal structure are often responsible for the end color to the gemstone. For example, pink opals are as a result of the presence of manganese while the green opals are a result of the presence of vanadium.

The internal structure of the opal causes the stone to diffract light while exhibiting a range of colors. Depending on the conditions under which the stone is created, it can exhibit different  birthstone colors. This is often achieved thermally. Opal hues range from clear and white to red, yellow, orange, blue, green, magenta, pink, rose, gray, slate, brown, black and olive.

The crystal opal is transparent with a bright spectrum of colors while the fire opal is translucent with bold hues of yellow, orange and red. Opal gemstones with red hues against black are the rarest and the most expensive; the green and white opals are the commonest and the less expensive gemstones.

Tourmalines display a wide spectrum of colors from yellow, blue, pink, red, green, black, and brown. A few stones are also dual-colored with their green outer edges slowly transitioning to transparent layer with a pink or red core.

October Birthstone Rings

opal ringThe October birthstones are pieces made with authentic gemstones. Not like those poor rings that will make the finger go green upon wearing them. The bulk of the people who have worn the October birthstone rings were really impressed with the details and craftsmanship.

Do you want to look like a million dollars going out, with everyone admiring you, but you don’t want them to know how much you’ve paid in dollars? The October birthstone rings are a good deal. They come in a stack of  matching earrings and necklaces too. It is how the October birthstone rings stand out but not too much.

The October birthstone rings are bright, beautiful, sparkly and gorgeous. Thrilled and impressed as you will be with the overall quality of the rings — its settings, materials, and quality of the stones — you will be pleased with a purchase and can even be tempted to a repurchase.

October Birthstone Necklaces

October jewerlyLots of women are so taken with the quality and simplicity of the October birthstone necklaces. Beautiful and very expensive-looking necklaces as they are, they stand out for quality. They are the perfect gift especially for anyone with an October birthday.  Trust me it will be well received. For the simple reason the necklaces go rightly with other pieces in the birthstone jewelry collection makes case for why it is so sought-after.

And if we must talk about the availability of these necklaces and the array of choices — they can be ordered online and just the exact ordered item will be delivered in real time.

Most of the October birthstones comes in just the right length, the right pendant, and looks lovely with any outfit (casual or smart) even as they fit any time of the day (daytime and equally as evening wear).

The October birthstone necklaces are good to wear with many outfits as they are simple in style. Their semi-opaque finish catches the light and reflects colors in a subtle but glamorous way.

October Birthstone Earrings

Opal EarringsSuch beautiful yet simple little earrings, the October birthstone earrings look really expensive and have been finished to a high standard.These little gems are good quality and very well priced. They are absolutely gorgeous such that you would love them.

October birthstone earrings look expensive (without the price being as expensive, though) and they glimmer lovely when they catch the light. Any woman can actually wear this gemstone without the fear of losing an expensive earring. They are a great value. Very classy and lovely sparkly earrings that can be worn to different occasions.

October birthstone earrings, and although you have very sensitive ears, will not cause any issues. The reason most women delight in the October birthstone earring is for the fact it sits flush with the ear and sticks out. It doesn’t give any uncomfortable feeling which better explained why it is just more of a preference. The little studs are suited as an everyday pair and they rarely disappoint.

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