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Best August Birthstone Rings For Men and Women

The original birthstone for August was Sardonyx and then peridot was added. Now spinel is the newest and third stone for August birthdays.

Where can you get the best August birthstone rings for men and women? Here’s one of the best collections of August Birthstone rings. See the Ring Collections and styles. Click below to visit the number one site where you can get August birthstone rings for both men and women below.

Beautiful peridot ring

How do you say the August birthstone names?

Sardonyx is pronounced \sär-ˈdä-niks also ˈsär-də-niks\
Peridot is pronounced \ˈper-ə-ˌdät, -ˌdō(t)\
Spinel is pronounced \spə-ˈnel\

For those who don’t know, what differentiates a particular birthstone from another is the gem that is attached to it. For example the birthstone for those who were born in August is Peridot, so instead of telling the shop owners we wanted to buy August birthstone rings for men, what we should have actually told them is that we wanted a Peridot Ring. We went back to most of the stores we earlier visited and we were astonished by the numbers of Peridot Ring they had in store. It’s even easier to buy August birthstone rings on the internet because there’s a huge selection to choose from.

Etsy has handmade and very unique Sardonyx rings for men and women. You can see the colors and variety of styles. Prices start at $20 and go up to $1,200 or more. While you can find modern versions, Sardonyx is featured in many Art Deco or Victorian types of jewelry. The sardonyx birthstone is a type of onyx, but specifically refers to a reddish brown stone with white bands.


Peridot Rings

If you love the look of peridot, you must know that they are quite inexpensive for the actual stone. Even stones in the 1- 4 carat range, or custom cut stone may be $40/ct. or more. When you get over 4 carats the price increases exponentially in value to $100-150/ ct in largest sizes. Most often you see Peridot in green.

See handmade peridot rings here or look at this selection of men’s rings:


Here are women’s peridot rings, including a stackable ring that pairs well with a variety of other jewelry.

Spinel rings

Spinel rings can be quite dramatic because they’re often black. Here are some examples of both men and women’s spinel rings:


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