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37 Amazing Pieces Of Birthstone Jewelry For Every Month

A birthstone necklace, bracelet and ring for each month of the year…

January: Garnet

1. This rough-cut natural garnet necklace, $49

2. This elegant handmade garnet bracelet, $56

garnet birthstone bracalet


3. This dainty garnet ring, $28

garnet ring January

February: Amethyst


4. This oval multi-faceted ring, $29

Purple Birthstone ring

5. This triple strand deep purple necklace, $56

purple birthstone necklace

6. This silver and amethyst bracelet, $42

amethyst february birthstone bracelet

March: Aquamarine

7. This handcrafted necklace made on a tiny island on Martha’s Vineyard$64

raw aquamarine necklace

8. This simply stated bracelet, $14

aquamarine bracelet

9. These rose gold earrings, $20

rose gold aquamarine earrings

April: Diamond


10. This exquisite star diamond, $11

star diamond necklace

11. This perfect raw diamond ring, $51

raw diamond ring

12. This understated diamond necklace, $27

diamond bracelet april birthstone

May: Emerald

13. This geometric stacked ring, $18

emerald and gold ring

14. This emerald bar necklace, $68

emerald gold necklace

15. These hammered gold earrings, $66

By EmbersJewelleryShop

June: Pearl

16. This exquisite pearl ring, $177

unique pearl ring silver

17. This simple, elegant necklace, $36

white pearl necklace

18. This breathtaking pearl bracelet, $27


pearl bracelet silver

July: Ruby

19. This delicate necklace, $37

ruby necklace birthstone

20. This modern geometric ring, $63

geometric ruby ring

21. This dainty bracelet, $39

ruby bracelet

August: Peridot

22.This minimalist peridot ring with a tiny diamond, $29

peridot ring


23. This multi-layered necklace, $26

peridot necklace

24. These elegant earrings, $39

peridot earrings

September: Sapphire


25. These beautiful pink sapphire earrings, $61

pink sapphire earrings

26.  This personalized sapphire necklace, $20

personalized birthstone necklace

By IrinSkye

 27. These raw sapphire and gold studs, $34

raw sapphire and gold studs

28. This stunning sapphire necklace, $138

sapphire necklace with gold

October: Opal

29. This fiery ring, $72

opal fire ring

30. This delicate necklace, $30

31. These showstopper earrings, $30

bohemian opal earrings

November: Topaz

32. This shimmering necklace, $32

november birthstone necklace

33. This ethereal bracelet, $63

November birthstone bracelet

34. These twilight topaz earrings, $30

blue topaz silver earrings

December: Turquoise

35. This beautiful bangle, $24


36. This dainty ring, $16

Turquoise dainty ring

37. This long boho necklace, $36