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Birthstone for May: Meaning, Color and Jewelry

May Birthstone

Born in the month of May? Then your main birthstone is emerald, the deep green beauty. It was named the Pantone color of the year in 2013. The finest quality emeralds are a pure verdant green hue and must have a high degree of transparency. The deeper the color the more valuable the gemstone.


In ancient Egypt, the emerald was already mined and appreciated by Pharaohs (or kings). Cleopatra loved emeralds. This beauty is connected to Venus, Goddess of Love and signifies growth and spring. Emeralds are often associated with magic and mystery. Since they’re the color of nature, they are said to promote a calm and peaceful spirit.

Many famous people in modern times love emeralds and they’re popular in engagement rings or for wedding presents between a groom and bride. Emeralds are not just May birthstone jewelry – they’re also the anniversary stone for the 20th, 35th, and 55th year of marriage.

Emerald Birthstone Meaning

Emerald is the stone of the heart. It symbolizes mercy, compassion, and universal love and promotes  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Perhaps the men who gave this jewelry to their loves didn’t know that it is there to help you manifest a peaceful and loving existence.

It’s energy is one of harmony, generosity, consideration, and love. It’s a calming energy too, which makes it ideal for stress relief and an improved memory. It is said to bring protection from negativity.

May Birthstone Rings

If you were born in May or love someone who has a birthday in May, a May birthstone ring is a wonderful gift.


May Birthstone Necklaces

Other May birthstone jewelry that is intimate and powerful, is a May birthstone necklace. No need to know a ring size for this one. It’s just gorgeous on pale skin as well as darker skin – the green is simply gorgeous! It brings the power of this gemstone nearest to the heart.


May Birthstone Earrings

Last of all in our list of May birthstone jewelry is earrings. They can be dazzling when hair is pulled back or dramatic addition to a formal gown. Angelina Jolie once wore them so spectacularly it was breathtaking! Julianne Moore wore Famous Bvlgari Emerald Earrings.

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