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Name Necklace with Birthstone – Personalized Gift Idea for Christmas

Wondering what to get your daughter, mother, mother-in-law or other family and friends for Christmas this year? Well here’s a Christmas present idea that’s even great for a teenager or daughter/stepdaughter. 

Even if it’s not Christmas, birthdays or other special times are perfect for giving birthstone jewelry. 

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Name Necklace with Birthstone

We love this gift idea we just found because it’s thoughtful, affordable and beautiful. Your mom, girlfriend, wife, daughter or granddaughter will love it: a personalized birthstone necklace with their name and birthstone. 

Here’s an example:

This highly rated personalized birthstone necklace comes with a custom name.

Non Personalized Birthstone Jewelry 

If you don’t have time or need it personalized we really like bracelets, rings and other jewelry that doesn’t have a name on it. The advantage is, it will get to you faster since they don’t need to be customized.

There are gifts specifically for moms with several birthstones on them to represent each of her children.

Even guys can appreciate a birthstone ring (recent grads, for example). 


Where to Buy Birthstone Jewelry

Here are some more ideas from our favorite places to buy affordable birthstone jewelry: Etsy, Amazon, Limoges Jewelry and Jeulia. Each has their own style.

Etsy has more handmade and unique items. There is a huge variety of styles and price ranges. They even have birthstone engagement or wedding quality rings.

Amazon has Prime shipping options so you can get your gift in 2 days or less. 

Limoges carries birthstone class rings for him or her, birthstone crosses and more. 

Jeulia has a lot of hearts and mom birthstone gifts to choose from. Also, mermaid rings, skulls and a large variety of options.

Here are some things to browse. 


Single Edge-Hammered Personalized Charm Necklace. Customize a Sterling Silver Rectangular Pendant with Name of Your Choice. Choose a Swarovski Birthstones, and 925 Chain. Makes Gifts for Her.Personalized Custom 24K Gold Plated Hearts Name Necklace with Swarovski Stone JewelryOuslier Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone Name Necklace with Heart Custom Made with Any Name (Silver)Personalized 2 Names Simulated Birthstones Necklaces 2 Couple Hearts Name Engraved Pendants for Women (Silver)Take Two Round- Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace. Customize Two 0.625 Inch Round Discs Names and Swarovski Birthstones. Matte Finish. Makes Great Gifts for Mom


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