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September Birthstone: Meaning,Color,Rings and Earrings

Birthstone is an identity that’s usually associated with people’s birth month. Each birthstone color has its own unique meaning and historical importance. Sapphire is the September birthstone and is one of the most sought-after gemstones of all time. The word ‘sapphire’ is of Greek origin and means ‘blue.’

However, sapphires aren’t just blue. There are other variations as well, such as pink, orange, and lavender. Blue is the most prized color though and is the color from where the gemstone sapphire derive its name. This is a royal birthstone.

September Birthstone

birthstone for September

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. It’s most desired in its pure, rich blue color but is present in almost every color including pink, yellow and green. In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.

Folklore has a lot to say about this gemstone. In the middle ages, holding or wearing the sapphire was believed to help to foretell the future. It was thought that holding a sapphire near a spider would kill it. Sapphire was also thought to ease pain and kill stress.

Then, priest wore sapphire because they believed it’s heavenly; commoners, on the other hand, wore it because they felt it will attract heavenly blessings.

The September birth stone, sapphire, was once thought to guard against evil and poisoning. It was believed that a venomous snake would die if placed in a vessel made of sapphire. Traditionally a favorite stone of priests and kings, the sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom.

Beautifully hued and adorned in royal ornaments, sapphire symbolizes purity, wealth, and wisdom. At other times, it could be thought of as being protective of the wearer from harm and envy.

September Birthstones

Besides sapphire, September gemstones include the following:

  • agate
  • moonstone
  • zircon
  • peridot (chrysolite)
  • sardonyx

September Birthstone Color

What color is Sept Birthstone?

Although most people know sapphire to be of a deep, enchanting blue or indigo color; nevertheless, sapphire is now being seen to come in a variety of colors to include pink, violet, peach, orange, etc. with the exception of red, which is otherwise known as rugby.

The symbolic relevance of the color of the sapphire is power, relevance, and wealth. Blue is royalty, and sapphire is blue, too. Sapphire can also be associated with the biblical meaning of heavenly grace because virgin Mary is often pictured wearing blue clothing.

The blue color of the sapphire is caused by the presence of the element called Boron. Sapphires in colors other than blue are what are known as fancy sapphires.

There are three components of the September birthstone: hue — or first impression that’s formed of the sapphire’s deep blue color; tone — the lightness of its color that ranges from light to dark; and saturation — the intensity of the color of the gemstone.

Padparadscha is the most coveted sapphire because of its distinctive beauty and rareness.

September Birthstone Rings

Rings are one of the varieties of sapphire jewelry. And just so you know, sapphire is also known as the 5th and 45th-anniversary gemstone. The September birthstone is often associated with trust, loyalty, and understanding — which are the traits of a loving relationship.

Jacinda: Heart-cut Simulated Blue Sapphire and IOF CZ Promise Friendship Ring Silver, 3144 sz316L Stainless Steel Royal Blue Cubic Zirconia CZ Eternity Wedding 3MM Band Ring Sz
Size 4 Dk Blue Heart Small Finger Ring-Silver Color Imitation September Birthstone Ring


Sapphire makes a lovely gift. When you give your spouse/finance or love a sapphire jewelry ring is symbolizes your faithfulness and commitment to the relationship.


The Most Famous Ring in the World

The late Princess Diana of England stated that she wanted a sapphire in her engagement ring. She chose a 12-carat blue Ceylon with 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding it. The band was made of 18-karat white gold. At the time the ring wasn’t unique or even custom made.

Unfortunately, the sapphire didn’t bring the trust and loyalty this birthstone is known for, but it’s story didn’t end there. In 2010, Prince William gave the ring to his then-finance, Catherine Middleton.

Sapphire birthstone ringThe ring today is most famous in the world and its value has gone up over tenfold. When purchased in 1981 is was £28,000 and today it’s worth £300,000. which is over $7million in USD.

Vashi Dominguez, a TV diamond expert and founder of of leading diamond and jewellery brand Vashi.com said this about the iconic ring:

“There is sporadic demand for celebrity inspired rings but nothing comes close to the clamour caused by Kate’s ring!  The public genuinely like and respect Kate, whilst the ring was considered a fashion piece when Princess Diana first wore it, has now become a classic engagement ring…Kate’s quiet confidence to lead as a style icon in that the spectacular central stone is a sapphire, framed by diamonds (as opposed to the more traditional diamond-as-centrepiece.)  Not only that, but the colour blue itself is incredibly popular – it’s very versatile. Symbolically, blue can convey a sense of trust, loyalty and understanding (which is obviously perfectly in tune with the giving of an engagement ring). Blue is also a colour associated with the royals, of course, so it is fitting that Kate is wearing a ring to reflect that. “

September Birthstone Necklace

And I do remember now that it doesn’t have to be all about our appearance all the time. Sometimes a birthstone, such like the sapphire, could turn out to be a memory that can be kept. It could as well turn out to be a story worth sharing. A sapphire round about the neck a lot of the time exemplifies a person’s mood and/or personality.

The meaning that has been attributed to sapphire still hold true for most people till date. For some reasons, people have felt like truly they have an angel around. They have somewhat felt heaven. And for others who seem to be wise, they feel it can’t be unconnected with their birthstone necklace.

September Birthstone Jewelry

And if it has to be something about the wearer’s appearance, then no doubt sapphire looks great. It looks beautiful on. It is well-plated and polished to avoid tarnish. As well, it’s great for all the September angels in your life.

Qianse Women White Gold Plated with Crystal Heart of the Ocean Swarovski PendantNaNa Chic Jewelry Women Swarovski Elements Round September Birthstone Cubic Zircon White Gold PlatedSterling Silver September Birthstone Sapphire Bezel-set 6mm Pendant with 18

The necklace is beautiful and of an excellent design. The chain is gorgeous. It does not take long until it is grabbed and does seamlessly go through the top of the pendant as it sits perfectly on the chest when worn.


September Birthstone Earrings

September birthstone studs are the simple perfect gift you can give out to any September born. And, well, not just September born alone — I have seen people bought this stone for their mother, wife, niece, daughter — and they were all impressed with the earring. Sapphire earring is ideal for Mother’s Day, Christmas, weddings, birthdays and graduation gifts.

Sapphire earrings are beautifully made with each coming in different beautiful and intricate designs. It shines brightly. It doesn’t overpower your ear. Just the right size for everyday wear.

Swarovski Crystals September Birthstone Sapphire Stud EarringsBuyless Fashion Surgical Steel Rhodium Plated Butterfly Shape Cubic Zirconia Birthstone Earrings-September ButterflyEVER FAITH 925 Sterling Silver CZ September Birthstone Tear Drop Chandelier Earrings Sapphire Color

This gemstone is the choice of most women more because of its clean and elegant appearance. They found it to be the perfect substitute for someone who likes sparkly things but can’t afford real diamonds. They’re of high quality and won’t irritate the skin

Looking for a pair of earrings that you could wear everyday but that will not cost an arm and a leg? Or a piece of jewelry you’ll wear to an event that’ll amass so many compliments until you become overwhelmed? Sapphire earring is a gemstone of a nice size with a nice price tag to go with it. This birthstone has been a stunning, beautiful piece of jewelry on a budget. A purchase is more of a money well spent…with some more to spare!

According to the American Gem Society the September birthstone comes in all colors of the rainbow (except when it’s red, which is actually a ruby).